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A hotelier who spent 35 fascinating years leading international hotels to success with a particular focus on people. He was responsible for 8 hotels in Australia and New Zealand before he repurposed.

The creation of the not-for-profit platform has been the most fulfilling achievement in recent times as it continues to make a difference to the amazing healthcare and emergency services teams.

He has authored 3 books with his wife Alika Rai

The compilation best seller ‘Living an Abundant Life’

‘Buy and Hold for all that Gold’

‘Buy and Hold-Simple steps to real estate investment in New Zealand’

A Judge at the Westpac Auckland Business Awards, Rahul has been helping businesses and the people in them for decades with his voluntary mentoring. He is a graduate in Science from Delhi University, has a Post graduate Diploma in Hotel Management, and a Master in Business Studies degree from Massey University.

Born in Kuala Lumpur he went on to live in Berne, Dacca, Canberra, and Lusaka thanks to his parents’ career.

His heart sings while cycling, SUP boarding, kayaking, mountain biking and trekking. And it reaches a crescendo when this happens in the mountains with streams, lakes and wildflowers!

And he absolutely loves dogs.